Yong He

Project - GxRay

This is my first attempt in writting a ray tracing renderer which implements a complete solution of lighting equations. The renderer supports a wide range of geometries (from basic parametric geometries to KD tree accelerated triangle meshes) as well as materials (from basic Phong and Blinn surfaces to subsurface scattering surfaces). Other features of the renderer include: Bump maps, Fast Ambient Occlusion, Volumetric Lights and Soft Shadows, Projection Lights, caustics photon maps, Depth of Field, Glossy Speculation, and Volumetric Fog. However, the implementation of most features in this version are naive and suffering from performance problems. I'm written a new ray tracer at the moment. Click here for more.

Images Rendered by GxRay

GxRay Render result 1
GxRay Render result 2
GxRay Render result 3
GxRay Render result 4